I was sitting at my in laws flipping through the magazines on their coffee table when I came across an article Why I Won’t Let Pintrest Pressure Me Any More or something. The author was opting out of home made birthday cakes and valentines, themed birthday parties her kid wouldn’t remember, and lunches packed in adorable bento boxes. She didn’t need to do these silly useless things to be a good mom and she wasn’t going to let the pressure make her miserable any more.I can’t find the article now to cite it, but there are many out there with the same sentiment. I agree no one should feel bad about the shape of their child’s lunch as long as their child is fed. What gives me pause, is the notion that anyone who does have the will or desire to arrange their kids lunch into a scene from Star Wars, is some how frivolous or worse, doing it to show up other moms.

When I read the initial article my first thought was, of course you don’t need to sew your kids Halloween costume, you’re a writer, you have a thing. You have a job that is both a creative outlet and a great answer to the question, “so what do you do?” ¬†Not everyone has that.

Some people knit, some people work out, I spray painted 16 dollar store chargers copper for my thanksgiving tablescape. I like crafting cooking and entertaining, but more than that this is kind of all I have going on right now. Being a mom is awesome and weird and hard and my identity is like jello.

so if you want to see some cool crafts, fun parties, and occasional uncomfortably honest breakdowns… Subscribe or something, I’m not really sure how blogs work yet.