Have a WOW thanksgiving

Hello!It’s been a long time since I’ve posted. This is because…I’m pregnant. I’m thrilled and excited to welcome a little girl in March. But it means that all the free time I previously used to craft and blog, has been taken over by the all important sleepingvand vomiting. It seems really unfair to have the harder pregnancy second, when there’s a toddler you need to care for regardless of how you feel. Nothing like the feeling of someone climbing on you as you puke. Or a toddler who refuses all food except the one that makes you queasy. But at 25 weeks I’m starting to feel better, and we are approaching one of my favorite holidays: Thanksgiving

When we moved out of our one bedroom apartment into a place big enough for a dining table, I called dibs. Thanksgiving is one of the big holidays in my family, and in my opinion, the most fun. 

You know those crafts and tablescapes you see in home and garden magazines and Pinterest and think, who on earth actually does that? Well, me I do. I drive my family crazy in the process, but it’s my thing, deal with it. There’s an inverse bell curve over my excitement of these crazy projects. While I’m currently at the point where I’d be willing to throw the whole thing out if I wasn’t afraid of hearing I told you so, I’m sure by the time it’s all put together I’ll be thrilled. Or at least I’ll pretend to be while promising myself it’ll be different next year.

Two years ago was my first time hosting. I had a 8 month old and was insistent on doing all the cooking myself. Because so many members of my family have food restrictions, I did end up delegating some, but most of it was on me and my poor husband who hadn’t really understood what he had obligated himself to when he agreed to host. That’s on him though, he attended our wedding, he knows who he married.We didn’t have nearly enough dishes for everyone, and our dishes didn’t really go with the theme I had planned. I thought maybe we could get mix and match china from the thrift store, but my aesthetically opinionated husband thought that would look terrible and agreed to buy service for 16 in white at the dollar store. I was thrilled, I was worried he was going to insist we mix our plates with some borrowed from my mother and call it a day. That would have been more practical, but it really would have ruined the “look,” and for all his complaints about my crazy projects I know mismatched dishes would make him itchy.

With leaves out table seats 12. Which is bigger than we almost ever need, but not big enough for thanksgiving. We got a card table to add on, but even with matching tablecloths, the widths were different. So we got a board the length of our card table but the width of our dining table cut at Home Depot. Since it’s only a few inches different on either side, it does well to extend the table top under the cloth. So far no one has put too much pressure and flipped it. 

I already had one of these red and orange table cloths, since it fit with the season, I bought a second. But I wasn’t really sure how to make this color scheme modern and stylish. I mentioned this to a friend, and she said, “ oh I just saw this in a magazine” and sent me a link. I wasn’t sure if it would be too much without the white table cloth, but she assured me it would work. And it did 

The Monday before thanksgiving I had anxiously ordered red napkins. They weren’t QUITE right, but I was all in at this point. I sent my husband to the store for orange flowers. He came back with carnations because apparently he can’t read my mind to know I NEEDED tulips. Also, carnations were the only orange flower they had at the grocery store. There were a lot of crafts that didn’t get done, the custom printed leftover boxes that looked like pie, the bunting that said “thankful” in golden script. In retrospect trying that hard might have been embarrassing, also I’ll just start earlier next year (I’ve never gotten to these projects). In the end worked out beautifully, and everyone agreed I could do it again, including my husband who ended up responsible for 90% of the cleaning aftarwards and cooking the actual turkey (after much research he spatchcocked it without a brine. It worked very well and if you’re interested please consult Serious Eats). He might regret it at this point, but it’s too late now we’re heading in on year three and this holiday is officially MINE!


Living Centerpiece IKEA Hack

I have a confession: I have a beautiful home. It’s tastefully yet interestingly decorated. It’s functional and beautiful. It’s relatively clean. That’s not really my confession. My confession is I have almost nothing to do with this. My husband, in addition to his many other talents, has an amazing eye. When people compliment my home, I always feel a little shame knowing they assume I chose the design.

Truth is, if a decision isn’t made almost instantly, I get anxious. If it were up to me, we would have bought the the first house we looked at. Conversely, my husband will carefully consider every option for the smallest decision. It drives me crazy, but we have a lovely home.

I love the way fresh flowers look on the table, but it’s not really practical to buy a fresh bunch every week. There are some nice fake flowers, but hubs is a snob about stuff like that. So, his most recent project was a living centerpiece for our dining table, almost entirely made from stuff from ikea. 



 Nice, right?  

I don’t have in progress pictures, because I didn’t do the project

He bought 3 of these bowls


and lined the bottom with river rocks (which apparently they don’t sell at ikea any more but you can get at home depot 

The plant section of ikea is filled with mostly plastic plants, but hidden in plain sight are some real ones. These plants are hearty- I mean they live in an ikea. He picked out a mix of succulents and cacti gently flattened the dirt and roots, and aranged them on top of the pebbles. He added a little potting soil we had in the basement, just to make it even. Then he put another layer of pebbles and that’s it. I assume he’s going to water them now and then, though I don’t really know for sure- plants stress me out.