Table for my Toddler

I made a thing! This project has been on deck for a few months, and I finally did it. You see, I have this gorgeous dining room table. It’s made from reclaimed wood and virtually unfinished, perfect for a two year old to ruin. This isn’t one of those special occasion tables either, we eat almost every meal on it. Lately, my kid has even taken to eating his snacks there rather than the kitchen counter which is our other seating option.

Obviously, keeping the table clean has been a problem. My solutions have been tablecloths, which require being washed after every meal, and placemats, which don’t cover enough for my messy family. My solution is a wipeable table cover that straps on to the table.
I got two yards of faux leather vinyl and threw it over the table wrong side up. I pinned the corners in place and cut it to fit. Then I sewed some edging on, before sewing up the corners. Finally, I added elastic on all four corners to hold it tight to the table.

I love it! The table looks fine, and it makes everything easier. It cuts steps out of setting and cleaning up. I’ll take it off in I ever need to be fancy, but day to day I can leave it on and wipe it clean.

Go me,
 Look how innocuous it is

  Pinned and cut

  The notched out corners

  Sewing the edges

The elastic holding it on




It’s first meal


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