Birthday success (what I live for)

I did it guys. I threw this fucking party. It almost killed me and my parenting took a real nose dive in the short term, but I did it. It wasn’t perfect. I could write a list longer than this blog of things I didn’t get to, but that would probably be annoying, so I’ll try to hold back on the nit picking. The one place where I really failed though, was the photos for this blog. I mean how the fuck do other bloggers do it? I mean on Go Day, I am operating at capacity. There’s not time to bring things over to the good light and take a thousand photos. I got a few quick shots with my phone and on to the next thing. Despite screaming at my family: “always be taking pictures! Do that thing where you’re not in the moment because you’re too focused on taking pictures that everyone complains about on Facebook” there’s still a lot left undocumented.
If you read my Practice cheater donuts you know I promised I was practicing for something big at my son’s birthday. I was nervous about it working out, but it worked out beautifully

Elmo donuts, and Cookie Monster donuts *tutorial coming soon*
Abby, Big Bird, Count, and Oscar donuts (it kills me that I forgot the Oscar eyebrows, kills me)

 I made all the decorations ahead of time out of marshmallow fondant and candy melts. Morning of I picked up 3 dozen plain donuts and dipped and decorated them. My mother in law helped me assembly line the process and was very nice about dealing with my insanity.

Also this other stuff


By the time it was time for candles, almost all the donuts were gone. The kids had a blast, my home is destroyed, I’m totally exhausted. I have plans to do nothing tomorrow to recover, but it was awesome. 




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